Saturday, 19 November 2011

October Show and Tell

This month, we focused on quality, not quantity.  Here is a photo of some beautiful raised embroidery work that Ann Marie was doing.
After she's finished with the stitching, she'll wash away the stabiliser (the clear plastic looking stuff) and be left with the most amazing lacework.  The two smaller wings and the body will then be assembled into a butterfly.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Textile Treasures Workshop with Lisa Walton

I took these images from Lisa's blog post.  They show what we made at our workshop with Lisa Walton on the October long weekend.
Some of the group hard at work.
This fabric was painted, scrunched up and put out on the footpath to dry.  Epsom salt was sprinkled on for added texture.  The paints are Sun Dye paints which are photosensitive ... the more light, the darker and more saturated the colour.
 Rhonda painted some fusible web and then left it to dry.
 Stamped and overpainted fabric
 Some of Maggie's hand painted and stamped fabrics
Rubbing over a hand carved stamp with paint sticks create a lovely base and then can be overpainted with a painted wash.
Lisa also gave us a beading session in this workshop.   Anne-Marie has already started this gorgeous panel for a bag front. Of course, she had stamped and painted this fabric in the workshop too.

I'll add more photos as they are sent to me.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

What We Are Doing Next Year

We have decided to work through the exercises in this book next year.

It contains 10 lessons in designing with fabrics, from basic design principles to finding new sources of inspiration.  It is hoped that this will help to bring new creativity to the diverse range of quilting or fiber arts, whether traditional or contemporary, practiced by our members.

Starting with our January 2012 meeting, we will bring our work for each exercise as we work through the 10 lessons.  For our first meeting in January 2013, we will bring a quilt made using what we've learnt in 2012, by using the exercise samples we've made or starting a new quilt and incorporating the ideas from the 10 lessons.

Books are available to members from Maggie.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

January 2011 -- Show and Tell

Here are some quilts by Enid ...

... and from Jenny ...

... and some tiny hexagons from Jo